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Best WR for a keeper?


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Is Larry Fitzgerald the clear cut #1 ahead of Chad Johnson and Steve Smith?


Something to consider is that Leinert will probably be the QB next year, so Fitzgeralds stats next year could be much worse




No not yet. DMD's cheatsheet has several tier 1 WR's this year and I agree. Some like Smith, some Chad, some Fitz, some TO. and I like Boldin,

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I like Fitz, don't get me wrong but I do not see either him or Boldin doing as well as last year. First, I think the addition of Edge will help the running game. Second, I think the Cards will be a better team overall and will not be playing from behind as often, therefore they will be running more. I would take Chad & Steve Smith and over Fitz.

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Steve Smith should be the #1 of that group.


My top 3 would be Smith, Holt, and TO.


I'd say Smith, Holt, then Harrison. Harrison is so much more stable than TO, in a couple different ways. But TO is still in my top 5. Moss is the guy I can't get a handle on this year, relative to tier 2 guys like Boldin and Fitz.

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It depends on how may years you are able to keep a player. I like Smith next year, but see Chad Johnson as the one I would keep if I were able to keep them for an unlimited number of years. of years.

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Holt and TO for a keeper over Chad and Fitz?



Not sure I have either of Chad, but I like Holt over Fitz, even in a keeper.


You still have to play to win now, so the age really should only come into a major affect when deciding between players that have very similar rankings. If you are always picking/playing for the future you will never win.

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for a keeper league?? i'd think with him getting older and with reggie wayne opposite of him, he would drop down a little.


Yup. Well, IMO at least. Harrison rarely gets hurt. No off-field problems. The Colts are an offensive powerhouse that should be centered around the passing game this year without Edge. And I don't see any reason why Harrison won't remain very productive past a "normal" WR's shelf life (ala Jimmy and Rod Smith) for at least another 2-3 years. Fitz and Boldin are younger, but they are far less proven players on an team with an inferior offense. And Reggie Wayne won't detract from Harrison anymore than Housh will detract from CJ, or Fitz or Boldin will detract from one another.


I see your point, I think it's valid, but I'd be willing to sacrafice potential and longevity in lieu of elite, reliable production for the next 2+ seasons.

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I'd prefer beer, wings, cigars, strippers, & football - preferrably simultaneously.


But what would you prefer in the original question?


I would keep The Chad.

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Is Larry Fitzgerald the clear cut #1 ahead of Chad Johnson and Steve Smith?


Something to consider is that Leinert will probably be the QB next year, so Fitzgeralds stats next year could be much worse


Okay, here are some additional tidbits for you to digest in your Johnson (giggle), Smith, Fitzgerald dilema:

- Steve Smith had an earth-shattering 68.6% reception ratio last year, despite double and sometimes triple coverage. No elite WR came within 5% of that stat (though Housh and Rod Smith - two of my fav underdogs going into last year - came in at 68% and 67%, respectively. Might want to jot that down going into this year's draft, FYI);

- Boldin was actually targeted more last year (171 times) than Fitzgearld (164 times) DESPITE Boldin missing 2 games;

- Fitzgerald only caught 1 more ball (103) than Fitzgerald (102), despite Boldin missing those two games;

- Fitzgerald did, however, have a slightly better reception ratio (63%) than Boldin (60%).


I've got nothing bad to say about Chad Johnson, as he stacks up well in almost every category - especially yardage. However, I'd say you'd be hard pressed *not* to rank Steve Smith first. But between Fitz and Boldin, I'd probably rather have Boldin. And between Holt and Harrison, there are certainly some intangibles in play (like how much the Rams' might back off of their prior pass-happy offense, and how much the Colts might resume theirs). However, both had solid reception ratios last year (62% each). Harrison seems to be more of the TD threat, as 9.09% of his pass targets result in TDs (best of all elite WRs last year; even better than Steve Smith), whereas only 5.55% of Holt's pass targets result in TDs. Where Holt shines, at least under the old Martz system, is in PPR leagues, as only three WRs caught more than his 101 receptions last year (Smith, Fitz, and Boldin). So the Holt vs. Harrison decision should probably be decieded based upon your league's scoring set up.

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For me it's all about Torry Holt and here's why, especially in a keeper/dynasty league. There's only 1 thing guaranteed in the NFL. Division opponents play each other 6 times throughout the season.


1 vs Broncos

2 at 49ers

3 at Cardinals

4 vs Lions

5 at Packers

6 vs Seahawks

7 Bye

8 at Chargers

9 vs Chiefs

10 at Seahawks

11 at Panthers

12 vs 49ers

13 vs Cardinals

14 vs Bears

15 at Raiders

16 vs Redskins

17 at Vikings


Look at that SCHED! I suppose the same argument can be made for Fitz/Boldin, but I'll stick with the most consistent FF producer at WR of the last decade (with Mr Harrison of course).

And I know guys like CJ, Smith, TO have put up some monster numbers, I just LOVE the fact that Holt is guaranteed 6 games against complete *poop* defences every single year!

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