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Do you hate lying?


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Most people hate liars. I know I do. But an article on CNN did kind of catch my attention.



Most people hate being lied to yet think its okay to tell white lies because they are necessary.




How do you all feel about this? Now 99% of people tell "white lies" so if you say that you never lie, you are a liar.



Be honest.



Me, I hate hurting people's feelings over dumb sh1t so I do "white lie" about small stuff. I hate being lied to as well. It’s a catch 22.

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Everyone lies. I do it and you do it. It comes in different forms though. Sometimes its just a BOLD face lie and othertimes its the LITTLE white lie. There's also the lie when you do not reveal ALL of the truth by holding back something that should be said. Yes, I do it but I also know that I shouldn't. Sometimes I do it so as not to hurt someone or I may do it to justify what I am doing or just do not want to take crap from someone on what I may be doing even if that's not necessarly wrong. Man, its hard telling on yourself.

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When it comes to my family and friends never more then a little harmless white lie ? Like if my wife cooks something shes proud of and I wasnt crazy about it I would still say it was good not to hurt her feelings.


At work though unfortunately I have to lie a ton. I never lie to cause an account major harm or problems but I do find myself lying a lot at work. Usually small stuff that I end up making happen anyway. Like a customer will call me and ask me if im going to be on time with a delivery and unless im going to be grossly late I may say the goods are in dye to put them at ease even if they arent. Then I push like hell to make sure we get it dyed and on time so I live up to what I told them.

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