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Recommend a new graphics card...


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I mentioned in some other thread how I never actually buy a new PC, I just upgrade one or two parts at a time every few years.


Well, it's come time to get a new graphics card. It is now officially the weakest link.


What's a good AGP graphics card to go for. I'm not into gaming so I don't need top of the line... I just need to upgrade whatever 2 or 4MB PCI card I've been using for the last 6 years. :D


Also... isn't there some AGP V1 vs. AGP V2 issue to look out for? I remember a friend of mine who get frying cards because his motherboard wasn't the right version of AGP slot or something.

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You are doing no gaming?


Then there really isn't a reason to upgrade.


Some AGP cards use diferrerent voltages, there are keys in the motherboard slot so the wrong card will most likely not fit.


If you really want a new card...


Again, you really don't need one, but the Nvidia Geforce cards are the most compatible and problem free, an entry level 6 series is a great card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814121542


Or, you can use an older Geforce 4mx card, I have some used I could send you for a few bucks.

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I do NO gaming on the PC. Not even solitaire.


I do use it for video and audio editing though. I realized recently that a slower PC with less RAM at work gets a better framerate playing back DV-AVI files than my home computer. The hard drives are the same speed, so I figured the problem must be the graphics card (the oldest thing in my computer).


Maybe I'm wrong... but I could use an upgrade anyway.


That one you linked to has a DVI port... :D I could upgrade my next machine into a Media Center....

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Radeon 9000 card, should be fine and cheap enough.

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