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mid-east situation about to explode


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umm, ok, you tell me what you're getting at when you measure up the number of israeli dead versus lebanese dead. are you NOT trying to convey a sense of "disproportion" that tries feebly to accuse the israelis of being whiners for not wanting rockets fired into their cities?



Damn, I wonder whats its like to wield your powers. Being able to uncannily look past the plain language of a post to get at the intent of the drafter and the post's secret hidden meaning.


Can you bend spoons too?


My original post along this line was in response to someone grieving or whatever over two dead Israeli kids. The second was in response to perch's post about holding the Lebanese accountable for Hezbollah's actions. I still don't know what you expect the average Lebanese citizen to do against an armed force more powerful than Lebanon's "army." Picket?


Those f*ckers could kill each other for all I care. Israel is the 800 lb gorilla in the Middle East. The Israelis can take care of themselves. If you want to keep crying and carrying on for them, go right ahead. Why don't you send them a check while you're at it? Given that you're the ultimate company man, I'm sure that you will do all of the above. :D:D

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