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Pop Quiz Hot Shots

yo mama

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Would anyone like to take a guess at who were the top five WR/TEs in 2005 when it came fewest dropped passes (i.e., lowest percentage of dropped passes)? No-name pass targets were excluded from consideration, as were "uncatchable" passes.


The winner of today's pop quiz will win absolutely nothing, but my respect.


ETA: you don't have to throw out all 5 names at once. Feel free to guess them one at a time, if you like.




1. T.J. Housh. had only 3 dropped catchable passes less year for an NLF lowest 2.6%. (guessed by tecmobeast).

2. Marvin Harrison: 4 dropped passes = only 3.2% (guessed by max)

3. Bobby Engram: 4 dropped catchable pass = only 4.3% (no one guessed Engram)

4. Jason Whitten: 4 dropped catchable passes, which amounted to just 4.5% (guessed first by Titans Fan).

5. Steve Smith: 7 dropped passes = 4.7 % (guessed first by max).


Bonus point for Chargers, who correctly demonstrated that Eric Parker dropped 0 of the 80 passes thrown his way last year. No idea why he wasn't permitted to be on this list, but he should have been.


Bonus point for Big Score 1 who similarly revealed that Larry Fitzgerald had only 1 dropped pass last and, which means he "should" have been on this list.

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I can't recall seeing Heath Miller drop a pass last season but I don't thin he will have enough receptions to qualify for this.


maybe ... Harrison is one


:D Correct. Marrvin Harrison came in second place, dropping only 4 catchable passes, or 3.2%.


FYI, Heath Miller did drop a few passes, but nevertheless finished the season with an impressive 75% reception ratio (tied for 8th best of all pass targets - WR, TE, and RB - last year) going 39 for 52. So he's got some nice hands.

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Steve Smith had a boat load of receptions. 100+ I think. Even if he dropped 20 passes for example that would still be 80% caught. He may be on the list.


Edited to add another guess:


Larry Fitz

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