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All things being equal...


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I understand for the most part the dynamics of the whole Middle East thing. But I gotta say I really think that the president really just openly said “Hi world, incase you didn’t realize that I am very hypocritical, here is a statement for you all - White House spokesman Tony Snow said Friday that Bush declined Siniora's request, adding: "The president is not going to make military decisions for Israel," Reuters reported.” - talking about the lebanon minister asked the president to get israel to hault the attacks.


Now if it happened to be the other way around and Syria invaded Israel you know he would be flapping his arms and pumping up the troops.


I understand this is the way the world is but sometimes, even as an American it’s a tad bit sickening how one way we are.



EDIT - But for the time being, let Israel clean that area up.

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And what a fine asskicking it was, indeed. Ah, memories.


Yes indeed, 6 days to crush three separate armies. I would bet they would be able to improve on that today.


There is not, has not been for a thousand years, and most likely never will be, a disciplined and effective Arab army. q.v. The training of the Iraqi Army currently taking place, supposedly.

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We should cut all ties with Israel immediately! How do we benefit from our relationship with them? Politicians from both parties sell out the US interest because of the Israel lobby in Washington pumps millions into them. They sell us down the river to support a country that doesnt benefit us, and causes others to hate us. How can we justify being allies with Israel?

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