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US support of Israel and terrorism


Should we?  

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  1. 1. If the total withdrawal of support for Israel meant that there would never be another terrorist attack on the United States, should the US withdraw it's support?

    • Yes
    • No

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This is the most insane hypothetical I've come across and it won't die. :D


First it assumes that all terrorist groups world-wide with a beef against the United States would be capitualted by us cutting ties with Israel - as if Iran and Syria's only problem with the United States is our support of Israel. Second it assumes that by capitulating to the demands of current terror groups would not create new terror groups with new agendas wholly unrelated to the conflict in the middle east (I'm sure Chechen rebels love our support of Putin, North Korea is just crazy, maybe knocking down the Sears tower would get us to lift embargoes against Cuba or Somalia). Thirdly, it wrongly assumes that bin laden's sole motive for his various attacks on the United States are only tied to our support of the Jews. I re-read his message, it was, at best, 1/3 of his rationale. Fourth, the hypothetical assumes that nobody in the middle east has a desire to hold us hostage because of our dependence on their oil - that would be an act of terror in my book even if the motivation is profit. Fifth, the hypothetical ignores the strategic importance of us having someone who at least claims to be our friend in that area of the world (suez canal and the port of Haifa). Sixth, and I've said it before in this thread, the hypothetical assumes that these terrorists are people of honor whose word can be trusted. There is nothing about the actions of these people that lead me to conclude when I went to bed on September 11, 2001 that the purportrators were trustworthy.


There are plenty of legit arguments for cutting ties to Israel. Some sort of whacked-out SDI style defense system is not one of them.

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Israel's espionage in the US is both endemic and aggressive. There are hundreds of cases.


Thank goodness the US is honorable enough not to spy on Israel. :D Right? Right?

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yep, waterman has it exactly backwards. Evangelical Christians (who I will note are NOT most Christians) support Israel exactly because they think doing so will make the rapture happen sooner. (I will also note that most Christians do not believe in the fundy notion of rapture either).


You should note that "our" President IS an Evangelical. His depth of belief in the rapture has not been established.

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