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Glacier National Park


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I returned from vacation yesterday. Spent one week in Cape Cod. Always go there because wife's parents have a place in chatham. The cape is nice, but it is what it is. Seafood, the beach, and family. I go there every year. This year I wanted to do something different. Amusement parks were definitely out as I live in Florida and have done my share.


[special Recognition Alert] I was talking with Kid Cid over the christmas holiday and he had gone to Glacier Natl Park and recommended it. My family and I thank him. This was the most amazing vacation we have ever been on. By far.



For those who have never been, this should be placed on your list of "must visit before I die." If you have children, take them. I have a 6 and 9 year old, and they loved it. Early on in the trip my 6-yr-old asserted, "Montana is the awesome-est state!" My children have never seen a mountain. They were in awe.


We went hiking a few times. There are simple kid-friendly hikes and some that are only for hard-core hikers. For those who've been, we did Avalanche Lake and Hidden Lake hikes. We saw mountain sheep and mountain goats up close and personal on the latter hike (I also thought I saw some man in a pink shirt hiding amongst the sheep, but I couldn't be sure.). The boys liked Hidden Lake best because for the last half of it, we were walking through snow. I have video of my older son, laying on his back in a nylon jacket, arms and legs pulled in, sliding down the side of a mountain. He kept "skiing" like this over and over.


We went white water rafting, we took the helicopter ride over the entire park, we went boating, fishing, and of course, we drove "going into the sun road". We had a pretty busy week. I think the boys enjoyed the white water rafting best (rapids were 2-3).


The scenery is, in a word, amazing. You can look at the greatest picture from the greatest photographer and it does not even approach the experience of being there. It was awe inspiring.

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'teve, I'm super glad you guys got there and that everyone enjoyed it. If I had my way I'd vacation there every summer from now on. Your post pretty much says it all. Nothing you have ever seen in photographs compares with the reality of being there.


FWIW, here's a link to the photo's I took while we were out there.


Kid Cid's photos


Click on the photography link on the left and drill down to Glacier National Park..

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