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chewing with mouth open

Dr. Sacrebleu

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Someone's post mentioned that Bush chews with his mouth open. Never noticed that. Than again, can't ever remember seeing him chew on national television. If it is true however it is pretty high on my list of reasons to hate him (at least 12 spots ahead of "being a splash splashbag", 7 spots ahead of "going to war on a false premise", and just slightly behind "destroying western civilization")


I am perhaps a little oversensitive about the chewing with mouth open thing, but seriously when I am in a restaurant and I can hear someone chewing from 2 tables down, it seriously makes me want to do violence to that person.


My big question is: how does a full grown adult go through life with no one ever teaching him that chewing with your mouth open is vile? Is it okay for me to tell them that that is gross, or is that overstepping a boundary? Can I tell them by slapping the back of their heads and yelling :D "Git some manners boy!"


My statement is: considering that I estimate open mouth chewers to represent at least 12 percent of the adult population, inevitably some huddlers are open mouthers. To you I say, git some manners, and when someone comes and smacks the back of your head for chewing with your mouth open you will know why

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go to CNN.com and it is down toward the bottom on the right side. They have a video and the audio of the conversation. About half way thru. Bush pops something in his mouth and you watch him chew like three or four times, and then talk with food in his mouth. And yes it annoys me.

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