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SO, one thing I have never experienced first hand is a police shootout. Well, I almost got my chance on Sunday afternoon.


I was driving with my wife and young son (21 months) to the mall, as he has yet again outgrown his shoes and many clothes. We were cruising along the freway getting on the connector to another freeway (gotta love So. Cal) when traffic just stopped. I see the flashing lights about 5 or 6 cars in front of me. Then my wife says "Do the cops have their guns out?" I take a closer look, and holy crap they do. One cop car is blocking traffic, the other is on the shoulder and there is a car in front of them. All three cops are crouched behind their doors with guns drawn.


I do some quick physics and realize that the suspect car, the cop cars and my car are all in a straight line.. hmm, first thought, holy S, if this goes down, we are in the line of fire. FInally the car blocking me to my right pulls out and back onto the freeway so I can do the same and speed off to safety.


When we drive by we see that the person in the car has gotten out, and was backing up towards the cops with hands raised, so it appears the situation was over.


I'll give spain one guess as to the racial orientation of the suspect.


Eitehr way, with my wife and son in the car, was more nerveracking. If it was just me, probably would have been a bit more exciting.

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