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DirecTV NFL Ticket Twighlight Zone


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Did we ever figure out how DirecTV knows our fav team? I can only gather they monitor our game watching and figure it out... so I got my DirecTV NFL renewal packet with the schedule for the Jags, across the top:


"You're Confirmed for 16 weeks of Leftwich to Smith, A new Tight End, and another Playoff Push."



Granted I got this a few weeks ago, still silly.


Curious, what did others say?

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Where do you live? Is it in the vicinity of Northern Florida?


I got my renewal, but I didn't pay attention to the team at the top. Now I'm curious.


:D Oklahoma


And I had mine personalized for the Packers.

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I reside in Oklahomo currently, and have never told them anything about me. Been a subscriber here for 8 years.


H8 also likes long walks on the beach, candlelight beer drinking, and will make you sleep on the floor of a shared hotel room. :D


And...didn't Smith retire? :D

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I just registered via the phone. One of the questions they asked was what my favorite team was. Maybe they asked and you forgot they did? It was tucked in the middle of payment option questions...

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