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Señor Tequila

LT Trade

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I have the 3rd overall pick in my draft and I know for a fact LT will be availible. LJ & SA will be 1st & 2nd


I made a trade offer to trade away my 1st & 4th round pick (3rd & 46th overall) for a 1st & 2nd round picks (12th & 13th overall). That would give me 4 picks out of the top 27.


I think it's a good deal for fact I could pick up a Tier 2 RB at 12 and a Tier 1 WR at 13 and maybe another Tier 1 high Tier 2 WR later in the 2nd round.


What do you all think?


I know it's LT a super stud, however he stewed me a few years ago when I drafted him at #3, that's the year he didn't play a whole game because of injury.


I thank you in advance

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I don't like giving up the 4th...


trade the 5th or something....he's getting one of the few sure-fire elite players in a 5th instead of a 4th and I think it's money...

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