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Hey guys! I feel like I had a descent draft I am just not wild about my QB's. My commish drafted 6 so the wire is really thin! I picked up M.Drew off waivers yesterday and tried to peddle him and Coles to my Commish. I offered Coles and Drew for Lundy and Kitna. See his roster:


B. Griese

R. Grossman

J. Kitna

B. Leftwich

C. Simms

B. Volek

T. Jones

L. Jordan

W. Lundy

W. Parker

F. Taylor

I. Bruce

D. Jackson

A. Johnson

T. Williamson

A. Gates


He said Fragile Freddy was his 3rd or 4th back and he is not wild about Coles or Drew. Should I counter with Morency and a WR for Kitna and Fragile Freddy? Or should I just walk away? If you think I should counter what WR should I offer? The only one I do not like is Coles. Price is a sleeper and I doubt he would take him. Leave a link. Thanks.

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I agree. Walk away. He clearly read the QBBC article and took it too far. Your QBs are every bit as good as his.



So what if I can get Freddy and Kitna for Coles and Morency? You do not think there is value there for me?

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