A week one victory....barely!

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Hey guys. A win is a win right? :D Aaron Brooks almost cost me week 1. I also had Portis on the bench. I was starting to panic on Tuesday. I actually considered addind a second New York Jet to my team. In fact the waiver request was in for Pennington when a trade offer rolled into my e-mail. I was offered Kitna for Coles. I jumped at the oppertunity so fast I did not even bother asking for advice. The thought of selling Coles high and having no Jets on my team thrilled me to death! :lol: Not to mention I have Kitna on my sleeper list :D and feel I can get by with these 3 QB's I have now. My question......Would you have done the same? Did I jump the gun....I mean the guy feel in my lap. I took it as a sign. :lol:

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I personally like Coles alot and think that the connection between him and Pennington is back full force. I think your WR depth is good so you should be fine but I trust Lion players as much as I trust Jet players and that's not much. I would've kept Coles.

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