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QB problem, we start 2 in my league..ADVICE who to start!?

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Unfortuatnately, My 2nd and 3rd QBs are Brooks and Fry

We start 2 QBs in my league....6 pts per TD.


Would you got with:

Brooks AT Balt.

Fry AT Cin.


Initially, Fry is obvious, but my gut is saying the Raiders

were SO embrassed last week, that they will play w/ a chip

on their shoulder and be slightly competititve....


Thoughts? :D



Also, who would you go with at FLEX ??? :D

M.Jones or T.Jones




REst of lineup includes:


QB- Culpepper

RB- Alexander, C.Taylor

WR- Chambers, Mason

TE- Gates

FLEX- M.Jones, T.Jones, or L.Jordan

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First, whose on your WW? You may need to stop by there before Sunday for a QB. If you have to go with one of those two, I personally would choose Frye, but I understand your reasoning about Brooks. With Moss and Jordan, you would think he could put something together, but that O Line and that 90's offense will not get it done this year. I even started him as my 2nd qb (we play 2 qbs as well) last week over McNair, and while he didn't kill me (no neg. points, I think he gave me 3pts) I dropped him from my team for Pennington, made a few moves an ended up trading for C Pep as my number 2.


Anyway, I would go Frye and at Flex, I'd go T. Jones.

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Thanks...thats just it....NO qbs on waiver wire anymore...

since we start 2...and have like 8 bench players...they are gone.


Other Bench guys I have are Leinart and case or when Warner gets hurt,

or Parcells decides to bench Bledsoe if he keeps playing like crap.


The only guy left is Batch which is on MOnday, and no guarantee that he'll play......

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