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Trade J.Lewis, Branch and Gates

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League is 12 team redraft, standard scoring, no PPR

Ok, could use some advice here. My roster in this league is:


QB - Bulger

RB - T.Barber, J.Lewis, C.Brown, D.Williams

WR - Fitz, Housh, Branch, D.Bennett

TE - Gates, D.Clark


Bulger for Vick - I'm disappointed in Bulger big time and Vick appears to be the better bet right now.

Lewis for Deuce - I can foresee Lewis screwing me if I hang onto him and Deuce appears to be getting the td's but this may end up being a wash

Gates - well, I guess San Diego starts throwing at some point right? The big this the time to trade Gates while he still has value or tough it out and see the rewards hopefully later on? I did draft him in the 3rd round for a reason after all.


I know i'm thin at RB but really I need some clarity of thought here, starting 0 and 2 scrambles the brain a little


Thanks for any input guys

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:D NO..NO.. :D NO..NO :lol:



You don't need Vick, he is always a fast start but watch out. Dunn is taking too big a pounding this early in season. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dunn go down around week 7 or so. Bulger is in a new offense, and should get better as the season wears on. Branch is such an unkown quantity in Seattle, its hard to tell. Just going on the praise of Brady and his NE team mates the guy is the nuts. I would give him a chance to become a no 1 or solid no 2, unless you are in dire straits. Gates should improve as SD plays some tougher competition. Lewis will be the equal of McCallister push here.

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