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bye week help

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CJ is on a bye and I need to pu a WR. FA Options are:


D. Gabriel (leaning heavily towards)

B. Berrian



Also on the WW, L. Evans just got dropped and so did Colston before this weekend (don't have a clue why) I mention these guys but I am WW8 out of 10 and feel they both may be scooped up, but if all five were avaialbe who would you pick up and please rank the order of the five.



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Oh, and Colston was grabbed but the four I'm targeting now are:


I. Bruce vs. GB (but I have Holt, but he's been putting up decent #'s)

D. Gabriel vs. Mia

B. Berrian vs. Buf

Fuerry vs. Minn


1 ppr, 1pt per 10yds, 7pts per td

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