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Ok.. need QB help esp this week with Vick Bye

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8 team league

Passing 20 yds per pt and 1pt extra for 300+

Rushing 10 yds per pt and 1pt extra for 200+

Rec. 10 yds per pt and 1pt extra for 150+

TDs 6 pts

Start QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, TE, W/T, W/R, K, D



QB Vick, Culpepper

WR S. Moss, Ro. Williams, Galloway, Cotchery

RB S. Jackson, Tomlinson, Gore, McGahee, R. Bush, Jordan

TE L. Smith, Winslow

K Rackers

D Philly



QB P. Manning, Leftwich

WR Stallworth, Bruce, K. Johnson, Muhammad, Branch

RB Dillon, Lewis, Morris, M. Bell

TE Gonzo, Gate

K Wilkins, Akers

D Baltimore


His offer to me:


Give Jackson for Leftwich


I was thinking counter with Gore or Bush for Leftwich or something


Waiver QBs are..... Rivers, Kitna, Plummer, Brees, Frye, Carr, Roeth, Green, Losman, Leinart, A Smith, Gradkolsnkdkjeiski


Help... my brain cannot think for itself....


Sean - GM Demons

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