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I just got off the phone with a guy in my league who is willing to deal Tomlinson. As expected he wants too much IMO. But i would like to hear what u guys think..This is what he offered me

10 team Performance scoring:


I give :


C.Taylor or T.Bell he'll take either



I get:



R.Gould (yes a kicker lol)


My STARTERS before the trade





WR/RB-T.Bell or C.Taylor (matchups)







My STARTERS if i made the deal





RB/WR-Taylor or T.Bell (wichever i dont trade)


WR-Burress or Driver

& so on


I know id be giving alot but would u consider this deal with the way my starting lineup would look if i got Tomlinson?

Some opinions would help, thanks...

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Well, you were fooling yourself if you thought you'd get LT cheap. If you think Rudi and LT will carry you to your championship - then the price will be what it is. To me, Gould is a HUGE upgrade at kicker for you. Don't underestimate that.


I think it is a fair offer... pricey but fair. I'd do it.

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i'd do the trade just for gould. you're getting lucky that he's throwing in LT. but's a nice upgrade to your RB's & you're WR's some okay. so i would also do it. taking chances are what win championships...probably lose them too. but what the many people will be able to look back on their season & know the exact week that their team made that huge upswing/downswing. this is what makes the game fun.

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