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Am I crazy giving up this much for LColes?

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10 team redraft points for receptions...6 for all tds...1 for 10 rush/rec...1 for 20 passing...start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 flex, k, d




S McNair

M Hasselbeck

C Frye


M Morris

N Herron

L Washington

S Morris

D Ross

L Tomlinson

R Brown

C Benson

C Buckhalter

S Alexander


M Colston

A Toomer

S Smith

G Jennings

R Williams


R Gould

J Carney

M Andersen


D Giants

D Bengals

D Patriots


The guy who has Westbrooke wants Buckhalter for obvious reasons....I offerred Buck/Toomer for LColes...he is demanding I add Leon this too much for Coles.? Even if it is, is it one of those trades you do anyway because you have the depth?




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When it's all said and done, I'm not sure there will be that big a difference between Coles' numbers and Toomer's numbers, so yes, that's WAY too much to give up for Coles.

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