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WDIS at RB? L.Betts or Norwood.

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L. Betts v. TEN or

J.Norwood v. NYG


typical performance scoring league td/yds.


awful choices, but dont have much else. :D



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They are tough choices. Here are my thoughts. I think the NYG/Atl game will be somewhat low scoring, 17-10. I haven't seen much of Atl this year to see and know how much Norwood plays (only the long TD run). The Was/Tenn game is a little different. I see a lot of points from Was. and Portis will be running alot, I mean alot. With that said, I see Betts getting carries also because Portis will so tired from all that running and get some yardage 50-60 and maybe a score. That's more than Norwood this week. Again this is only my opinion.


Good luck and checkout my post, thanks.

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