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Trade for Chad Johnson?

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I have been offered the following trade:


I give Eli Manning and TO


JP Losman and Chad Johnson


I declined and countered with

Pennington and B Edwards

for McNair and CJ


He is in a real need for a QB - Green got hurt and those are his other 2 QB's. I was looking to possibly upgrade at WR.


Our rosters have specific slots - 3 QB 4 RB 4 WR 2 TE 2 Kicker 2 Def / ST - please don't reply with any why are you carrying 2 defense posts.


I think CJ will come back to have a good year, but don't know if giving him 2 starters for a scrub QB and a slight upgrade at WR is going to help me. ***This is the league commissioner who has placed 1 or 2 every year for the past 10 years in both of our leagues - my point being that I wouldn't necessarily want to help him out.


In my opinion I have a good team - see sig - and don't need to make the trade in any form. I was trying to unload my #3 QB for a better WR. Is it worth pursuing more at this point for CJ, or should I just drop it altogether?



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Don't do the first deal but if he takes the second, do it.

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