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How do I work this trade?

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This guy in my league is out of it with a record of 0-6 and he is wanting to part with tatum bell. Now it is a 2 keeper league and you get to keep 2 players from 2 different positions. The problem with this league is that whenever people want to trade, they ask for draft picks. He is wanting a second rounder for Tatum Bell. So basically it will give me my 2 keepers and my number 1 pick next year and I wont have a second rounder. Here is my team and ironically I am playing him this week.


QB - Leftwich at Houston

RB - Kevin Jones at Jets

RB - Leon Washington vs Detroit

WR - Reggie williams at Houston

WR - Wayne vs Washington

TE - Alex Smith vs Philly

K - Vanderjagt vs Giants

D - Chargers at KC



Brees - Bye

Gore - Bye

Deangelo williams



Heap - Bye

Gould - Bye


I just wish I could trade him some players for Bell and he would take it.


Need input thanks

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you have to ask yourself...would you draft t. bell next year in the 2nd round??? probably not. i'd just try & ride out your bye week. good luck.

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