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Mo Biggsly

Larry Fitz for Leon Washington: Any Thoughts?

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I am seriously considering trading away Larry Fitzgerald for Leon Washington. I am currently hanging tough in first place in a 14 team league, and my only weakness (in my opinion at least) is RB2 (Travis Henry is my current starter, and I don't have another starting running back to play in this position if he was to get hurt or lose his starting role to White, which could happen). I am stacked at wide receiver. Considering Larry's hammy injury (he is due back in week 10), coupled with Leinhart's inexperience and Arizona's 1-7 flop, I am guessing he is not going to put up WR1 numbers when he returns. I really need the depth at RB . . . bad (check out the lineup below). In addition, we can start a RB/WR flex, so the league is RB hungry (translation: good luck finding ANY backup RBs that get a handful of carries per game on the waiver wire).


So, what do you think?


My current lineup:

QB: Bulger (or Favre)

RB1: Larry Johnson

RB2: Travis Henry (or . . . . are you ready . . . Noah Herron!)

WR1: Torry Holt

WR2: Terry Glenn or Chris Henry (welcome back punk) or Larry Fitzgerald

TE: Marques Colston (I love that Yahoo! has him as a TE/WR!)

WR/RB: Greg Jennings (or Wes Welker)

K: Carney or Rackers

DT: Chicago



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I like Washington... don't get me wrong...but you should be able to get a better RB than him if you're planning to give up LFitz. Jennings and Terry Glenn have value comparable to Leon Washington.

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