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should I make thiis trade involving Chad Johnson?

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10 team redraft points for rec...1 for 10 rush/rec...1 for 20 passing...6 for all td's...we start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, k d


So I start...Eli....LT/Sjackson/Gore....SSmith/ team is set and rolling...I have the backups for jackson and gore...but not LT...and I cannot get him.


I was offerred Reggie Bush and A Bryant for Chad Johnson and CBensen. I may do it because I think Bush is a better 4th rb than Bensen and Bryant has a pretty easy I don't think I will be losing that much having Bryant on my bench instead of Chad.



Any opinions on whether I should trade Chad and Bensen to get ABryant and Reggie Bush?






C Frye

D Bledsoe

E Manning

M Leinart



S Jackson

S Davis

N Herron

M Robinson

F Gore

L Tomlinson

C Benson

C Buckhalter

C Cobbs


M Colston

A Toomer

D Gabriel

S Smith

R Davis

C Johnson

G Jennings





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doesn't really excite me much ... most likely those guys won't even sniff your roster and i tend to think johnson is going to turn it around, if you want to dump him wait till his value goes up.

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