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I was just shown Ronnie Brown for SJackson....

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10 team redraft league....6 for all td' points for receptions...1 for 10 rush/rec...1 for 20 passing....we start 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 flex k d...I am in first....went from last to first the last 5 weeks thanks to LT


I give up SJackson to get Ronnie Brown....I am worried about Pace being out and how it is going to impact the St Lous offense...but Ronnie Brown "tweaked" his groin last week...that worries me to. Would you give up Sjackson to get Ronnie Brown at this point?






C Frye

T Romo

E Manning

M Leinart



S Jackson

S Davis

M Robinson

F Gore

L Tomlinson

C Benson

C Buckhalter


M Colston

D Gabriel

T Glenn

S Smith

P Crayton

G Jennings


R Gould


D Ravens

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Don't even think about it. SJax is in a much better offense and is the better back. Pace's loss is a worry (I have Bulger) but do think it will hurt the passing game more than the running game. Hold onto him for sure.

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I'd hold onto Jackson, too.....being a Brown owner, the groin injury concerns me a bit......add to the fact that they are playing Minny (tough run d), think will bench him in favor of Addai...

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