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Another WDIS

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This is still a different league than my other post. Standard scoring, no PPR. We start

one RB, 2 WR's, one flex.


I have SJax starting at RB. I still need a flex, and 2 WR's. The guys I'm considering are:


note: edited to correct the fact that I do not have TWO Torry Holts on one team


AT WR -- pick two of Torry Holt, Donald Driver, and Javon Walker. I think Holt's clearly the

best one of the three, but he's also clearly got the toughest matchup (the Panthers).

I don't know if it's smart or dumb to start 2 Rams -- it could be smart to try and make

sure I get the Rams points; but it could be dumb if the Panthers hold them down.


Driver and Walker have both been hotter lately, and have better matchups (GB vs NE,

Den vs. SD) and should be in higher scoring games. Walker's more likely to break

a 70-yarder, but he's also more likely to put up a 2 catch-20 yard game. Please rank

the three of them for me.


At flex -- my choices are Ronnie Brown or Anthony Thomas OR the third receiver.

I think I've got to go

with a healthy A-Train vs. a weak Houston run defense over a less

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Do you really have Torry Holt twice? Ohhhh, the second ram is Jax. I start both of them. Driver is hot. I think your in a win, win there.


A-Train has a good matchup this week.

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I fixed a brainfart. The second Torry Holt was supposed to be Javon Walker. SO I guess I need three out of A-Train, Holt, Driver, and Walker.

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