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would you make this trade?

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10 team redraft points for rec...6 for all td's 1 for 10 rush/rec...1 for 20 passing...start 1 qb, 2 rb, 1 flex, k d.....I am in first place...but not by alot.....



Would you give up SJackson to get Sean Alexander?



my roster:


T Romo

J Campbell

E Manning

M Leinart



S Jackson

S Davis

M Robinson

F Gore

L Tomlinson

C Benson

C Buckhalter

M Hicks

D Nash


M Colston

T Glenn

S Smith

P Crayton

G Jennings


R Gould

D Ravens

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If you can start LT, Gore, and SJax each week, don't mess with it. Who knows what Alex will do the rest of this season. He wasn't exactly on fire prior to the injury. The of Pace worries me a little, but Seattle has their own line issues.

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