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For the first 5 weeks McNabb and E. Manning Carried me, but now McNabb is gone and Manning is just horrible.


I picked up Roethlisbeger and he was just bad.


I am thinking of dropping both and picking up Leinart and Carr for the rest of the season.


I am not penalized for interceptions, so I am not worried about that.


I get 1 point for 20 yard passing, bonuses at 250, 300, and 350 yards passing, and I get more points for longer TDs.


Pennington, Culter, Green, McNair, Brooks, Young, and Frye are all there too.


What are the thoughts out there??

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I would hold on to Eli. His schedule looks good and I think he will bounce back. As for possible pickups Brooks has the weapons and has experience. I am going to gamble on Cutler and see what he can do. Jay looked very good in the pre-season and hopefully, he can pull off a Romo like end to the season.

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