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Need playoff lineup advice!

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Eked in the playoffs... but need advice...Got strong roster, but always seem to pick the wrong starters.


QB: Pick 1

Grossman home vs MN.... I get penalized for INT...he throws a bunch, last week total score was -1

but every time I bench him, he comes up big.

McNair @ Cincy....bad pass D, not a big TD thrower

Vince home vs Indy....coming up strong...



RB: Pick 2

Tiki @ Dallas

SJackson home vs ARI....I'm starting him.

KJones @ NE


WR: Pick 2

Roy Williams @ NE

DJackson @ Denver....gets a TD every game, but little yardage

RWayne @ TN.....gets a TD every game

Holt home vs. ARI....hasn't scored a TD in six weeks, BUT last time they played, he was 8-120-1td


TE: Pick 1

Heap @ Cincy...... gets a TD every game...probably start him.

Watson home vs DET

LJSmith home vs CAR


K: Nedney

D: Miami or MInn....going with Miami

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IMO, you really don't have much of a dilemma here. Grossman is much better start than the other 2 QBs (he's going to throw a lot vs the Vikes), KJones is gimpy and playing NE (sit him) and Holt, Wayne and Heap are must starts capable of big games this weekend.

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