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Berrian V Min

Booker V Jac

Harrison V Ten

Cotchery V GB

Evans V SD


My gut is telling me go for the B & B of Berrian and Booker. But then there is Harrison sitting on the edge of my bench going, "you know that 8 yards was a fluke, I am going to torch that Ten D this week. Play your studs!!!" Any other inputs would be appreciated as well.


Harrison has been a no brainer for a long time, but the last couple of weeks Manning's targeting system only has a Wayne Setting.


What do you guys think! Answer mine and I will answer yours.

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Harrison's woes have been very public this week and I would count on Manning getting him the ball often. I don't sit Harrison.


I also like Berrian, Vikings are too tough against the run and so so against the pass.


See mine;



I agree with the above.....I'm running into the same issues with Holt on my team.....right now Horn seems to be the better play, but the minute I bench Holt he'll go for 120,2.


Good Luck, Check out my post!

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I wouldn't want to sit Harrison and he has a hugh game. A guy did that with Ocho Cinco in one of my leagues and we all know what happened. He went off. My picks are Harrison and Berrian. Minn has the top rated rush defense so Grossman will be airing it out against the Vikes suckass pass D. Grossman had his off week last week so this is due to be his "on" week. Thanks for answering mine! Good luck!

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