Why LT is a cancer that must be stopped

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Because this team made the playoffs:

QB Vince Young

WR Steve Smith

WR Terrance Copper

WR Mark Clayton

RB LaDainian Tomlinson

RB Willie Parker

TE Bo Scaife

BN Owen Daniels

BN Reggie Brown

BN Marty Booker

BN Braylon Edwards

BN Jason Campbell

BN Cedric Benson


This team has dropped or traded away the following players over the course of this season:

Jon Kitna

Chris Chambers

Santana Moss

Chris Henry

Frank Gore

Chris Cooley

Derrick Mason

Steve McNair

Bernard Berrian

Maurice Jones-Drew

Reggie Bush

Deshaun Foster


This is a 16 year old kid who basically picks up whoever has a good game and drops or trades whoever has a bad game. He's 8-5.

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I take it that you're not going to the playoffs in this league? :D


I can't speak for anybody else, but I'm a football fan first and fantasy player second. Watching LT this year has been a pleasure, whether he was cleaning my fantasy clock or trouncing someone for me. :D

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I love LT, but see my other post he's equal to 2 RB (not LJ) but 2 RBs like FWP and Chester (combined) or similar to three Tiki. What I mean is the owner of LT is like starting 3 top 10 RBs every week, while everyone else is starting 2 RBs.





as I said in my other post, inexplicable we have 2x10 team leagues (in one) and both leagues LT owner did NOT make the play-offs'




HOWEVER; I have the Bears and they won one game for me outright, I mean I needed something like 20 points from my defence and they won the game on MNF against Arazona. So what I'm saying is while it's unfair somone has LT, also someone has the Bears (like I do).


I think it's a matter of skill and luck. Almost every year I make the play-offs (I think thats a bit of skill) but I never won the championship (I think its bad luck there)



I think LT is super-human in FF, similar to having SA or LJ last year or Peyton when he threw 4-5 TDs every game a few years back.



But, LT alone does not mean a ticket to the play-offs and I think thats OK.

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one thing i will say....anyone who passed on him in any draft deserves the fate he's dishing out to them.


I got him with the #3 this year (LJ and SA went 1,2) and was overjoyed. The rest of my starters didn't do as well this year (Eli, J. Lewis, Holt, Gates I thought rounded off a good draft) and I'm just barley getting into the playoffs.

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I take it that you're not going to the playoffs in this league? :D



Actually I'm 12-1 and I wouldn't mind as much if this kid wasn't shooting his mouth off like he owns the league and is a lock for the league title. Plus as the commish I look at some other teams who drafted and managed their teams much better than he did but will miss the playoffs because of injuries or bad luck with matchups.


My dream scenario: he wins the next two and faces me week 16 for the title. SD has already clinched homefield and LT has already shattered the TD record. Shotty yanks LT with 8 minutes left in the second quarter, I win by 100. :D

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An auction league is getting more appeal to me. Just like the basis of getting who you want. Otherwise it's cheating with LT in the NFL.





The more I play FF, the more I see a lot of imperfections when it comes to keeping the playing field level. I think the auction format and the blind bid system for free agents are good ways to minimize the lucky idiot factor. I'm definitely looking to join these types of leagues next season.

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Every year there is a player or two who demolishes all other players (fantasy wise). This year it's LT, in the past players such as P. Manning, M. Faulk and P. Holmes have been "that" player. I don't see what the fuss is all about.




Why can't you just let us beoch about an unfair advantage that 80% of teams can't overcome. Most don't get a chance at drafting the above players while some dumba$$ picks him off a 2 month old cheat sheet. I have managed to be about even with this huge advantage this year but have had to use every trick in the book and get lucky on top of that.


I think I will try an auction league next year

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