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League Playoffs Help Needed

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I am commisioner in my league and we have 3 divisions. One division was fairly dominant and are complaining about the playoffs already. 3 division winners make it and 3 wild cards. Here's what we have.


Divison 1:

Team 1 - 21-5 has 1st round bye

Team 6- 15-11


Divsion 2:

Team 3- 12-14 won division


Division 3:

Team 2- 17-9 has 1st round bye

Team 4- 17-9

Team 5- 17-9


I have team 3 playing team 6

Team 4 plays team 5.


The lowest winning seed plays team 1 next week and the highest winning seed plays team 2.

Does everything look good? Teams 4 and 5 don't think they should play because they are in the same division and far superior to teams 3 and 6. Thoughts?

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female doggie and moan, female doggie and moan. It has bee nice this year not having to run a league for the first timein 12 years!!! I hate whiners and sounds like you have some.


We did run into this a few years back in one of my leagues. The problems came up becuase we didn't have a rule in place. We only take 4 teams into the playoffs (3 div. winners and 1 wildcard). The 1st place team and the wildcard were from the same division and didn't think they should have to play each other.


We didn't have a rule in place, so we had to vote on it and said the rule is that 1st place vs wildcard and #2 vs #3 regardless of division.


So, back to your question. Sounds like you are trying to use NFL rules and that is good. They can argue all they want, but division winners get higher seeds since they won the division. Use winning percentage, then head - head to determine the seeds after that. The highest seed gets to play the lowest seed each round. That is how the NFL does it I believe so stick with it.


Your plan looks good, just make sure it is in the rules upfront next year and tell the whiners to suck on a bottle for a while!

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