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For the Deadheads Among Us

Easy n Dirty

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T'was the night before a Dead show

and all through the place,

All the heads were dosed-

just trippin' to space.

Their joints were all rolled

with precision and care,

With hopes that St. Stephen

soon would be there.

The freaks were all nestled

all stoned in their beds,

While visions of Johanna

danced in their heads.

With me in my poncho

and her in my hand,

Just dying to hear

an "Uncle John's Band."

When out from the stage

there rose such a clatter,

I sprang to my feet to see

what was the matter.

O'way to the stadium I flew

with my stash.

I kicked down the gate -

it fell with a crash.

The light from the orb

hanging so high,

Blinding me like I was

born crossed eyed.

And what to my red glossy

eye should appear,

A shadowed figure,

could it be Mr. Weir?

No, too big to be Bob,

too short to be Phil.

Could it be Mickey,Brent,

or perhaps even Bill?

He started to sing

and the sound from his lips,

Assured me at once

that he was Captain Trips.

His eyes how they twinkled,

his dimples how merry,

I exclaimed in excitement,

"Oh Wow! It's Jerry!"

I couldn't believe it

just Jerry and Me,

"Play something," I said

"Play Sugaree".

The Fat Man jammed -

he was on a roll,

With his sweet songs

he rocked my soul.

Jerry spoke once

and his message was plain,

"Gotta go now," he said

"It looks like rain."

But I heard him exclaim

as he walked out of sight,

"Good Lovin' to all and

I Bid You Goodnight."

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was the day of the Dead show and all through the Valley, was a need for a miracle... no time to dilly-dally So after a few pinchies, through the lot I crept wary a finger in the air I've got to see Jerry "Doses," "kind," "shrooms" do I hear a hottie selling braclets but no tickets I fear A man magically appears out of place he sure seems “face value,” he says better than my dreams! I drop a few hits and down the hill I fly The fat man rocks the ultimate high!!! Jack Straw starts the show and it's hot! Sugaree is next, pass me that pot Bobby does his country tunes and Garcia sings Roses Phil bolts out Tom Thumb Blues Man these are good doses! The set ends with Let it Grow then the Deal I can finally rest my bones but my mind races with zeal! China Cat erupts the lights are insane the crowd is fevered as Rider rolls like a train I wish I were a headlight... in the cool Colorado rain Eyes and Terrapin are next what are they doing to my brain?! Now things are so twisted Jerry’s wearing a crown Drums and Space are wicked a total melt down


Out comes the Dew I’m out of my mind this is incredible Watchtower is kind The wind begins to hallor... what could be next had? Holy moly, it's Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad! I’ve nearly left my body when Lovelight begins we’re all screaming for more as Quinn finally kicks in! “You’ve not seen nothin’” Jerry you're so right One helluva show thank you all, good night

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Jingle bells, Bobby smells and Donna laid an egg

Oh what fun tis being high while Jerry howls away


That's my quick rhyme without thinkin' bout it too much.


I hope your music is better than this...

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