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Playoff Strategy - Waiver Pickups expire tonight

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QB - Brady & Rivers - Play 1.

RBs - L. Johnson, S. Jackson, F. Taylor, & Michael Bennett - Play 2

WRs - Boldin, Booker, Caldwell, R. Brown & Jennings - Play 3

D - Balt

K - Vinatieri.


I will always start Johnson and Jackson at RB unless they get hurt. I picked up Bennet in case LJ goes down. I am now considering picking up Stephen Davis in case Jackson gets hurt. I have 3 options:


1. Do Nothing (except maybe replace Jennings).

2. Cut Fred Taylor to pick up Stephen Davis in order to grab Jackson's back up.

3. Cut Jennings to pick up Stephen Davis and hope that no more than one of my WR's goes down in the next few weeks.


Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Do not cut Fred. Bennett will not get the pts. LJ does if LJ goes down. You might be better picking up another Fringe player like Fason, MOrris, or Houston if you have to do a move.


I really like Stephen Davis, but he will not produce the same numbers Fred does.

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I wouldn't even think about cutting Fred Taylor. BearCat Tom had good advice. In addition you (if possible) can pick up J. Fargas from Oakland as after this week he does have a nice schedule and is the starting back in Oakland. If you have no interest in him then I would suggest picking up Cedric Benson or Dominique Rhodes. Both players are getting touches and as both teams are guaranteed a playoff birth, they will rest the starter.

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