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I need some help fast please....this offer on the table


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10 team redraft league...no points for rec...6 for all td's...1 for 10 rush/rec...1 for 20 passing...start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, k, d


I am in first place with a bye this week.


I give up Leinart/ Glenn/ CHouston/Ravens to get McNair/CTaylor/MMoore/DDriver/Panthers



I am thinking about doing this...I upgrade at wr and I am worried about Colstan...qb's are a wash...CHouston has looked good and Chester is hurt...but I don't need either of them this week.


Giving up the Ravens for the Panthers is a big downgrade in my opinion....that is what is holding me up and I can't do the trade without including the Ravens.


Should I do this trade?




J Cutler

T Romo

E Manning

M Leinart


C Houston

S Jackson

S Davis

M Robinson

F Gore

L Tomlinson

C Buckhalter

C Benson

M Hicks

C Taylor


K Curtis

M Colston

T Glenn

S Smith

P Crayton

G Jennings


M Gramatica

R Gould


D Ravens

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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"


I say no, you're not really gaining much in the trade, IMO...maybe even downgrading as a whole.


you said it yourself, baltimore def is holding you back and rightly so...coming from someone who has lost twice this year BECAUSE of that defense, I'd love to have them on my team...not to mention their schedule for the rest of the season is pretty cake.


With LT, SJax, and Gore what do you need more RBs for? I'd try and figure out exactly who you want out of that deal and work something out involving fewer players.



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