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New Advertising Campaign


New Ad Campaign.  

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  1. 1. Which do you like better?

    • 1. "Take A Piece Of History With You!"
    • 2. "Make A Piece Of History"

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Ok so as most of you know my wife and I own our own store:Williamsburg Bear Factory

for those that don't know, we are like Build-A-Bear(there are differences that I will explain later).


anyway considering we are in Williamsburg which attracts tourists because it is so rich in history, specifically

COLONIAL HISTORY & America's 400th Anniversary: Jamestown 1607-2007(Jamestown is considered the first permanent English settlement in the United States(13 years before the Pilgrims founded Plymouth in Massachusetts) is going to be a hugh deal and great for business we wanted to find a way to take advantage of that.


OK so that is the background, now on to the New Ad Campaign!


I worked very hard to produce our first private label teddy bear: 400th Anniversary Bear that bear is EXCLUSIVE to our store and is the ONLY Commemorative bear that customers can help to make.


The Ad Copy is in the poll but I will re-write it here:


1. "Take A Piece Of History With You!"




2. "Make A Piece Of History"


There are a couple of things that will be in the Ads:

1. Picture of the Bear(duh)

2. The following phrase:

" America's 400th Anniversary

Jamestown Collectible Bear"

3. EXCLUSIVELY AT: (Our Logo and phone number etc)

4. Touchable Hearts* & Customeyes*


We added the CUSTOMEYES feature about 15 months ago and it has been a hit. 1st it is patented by my major supplier and I have exclusive area rights so thats a hugh plus...also the fact that its something that you cant do at Build-A-Bear just adds to its appeal(we get many customers that comment about how much they like it and say "you cant do this at Build-A-Bear"


The TOUCHABLE HEARTS is a brand new rollout. There are basically 2 things you cant do or Build-A-Bear will SUE you...1. You cant use hearts for your customers to put in your bears(there is one small company that has a licensing agreement with BAB but that is for another conversation just leave it at DONT SIGN IT)...2. You cant have pre-stitched closures on your animals(our suppliers have a proprietary way that we close our animals but thats why i was looking for a chemist not to long ago(i have an idea just dont know if or how etc)...anyway back to TOUCHABLE HEARTS...this is our way to combat that BAB lets their customers put hearts in their bears...up to this point we have used stars that our customers make a wish on and put in their bears but we are always hearing "oh they dont have hearts"...so now instead of putting a heart in the bear you will never see again...we are able to affix a heart to the bear that they will always be able to see and TOUCH...they are attached using the same process we attach our eyes with(very safe! once they are on they are on!)


In the past we have just ran special coupons for our "Bear of the Year" and they have been very successful.

These bears are a bit pricey to run a coupon with their price point so we are going to be running them with a Dollar Off(currently we are doing $10 Off on Internet and Store Pre-Orders)...I think I have rambled on enough...


Which "Slogan" is best?

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#2. Better for what your business is, and it's more more active-sounding, more apt to make someone feel they are DOING something unique, which is always better than just buying something.

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how about...


"History is what you make of it: Williamsburg Bear Factory"


Catchy. Or, "Make history at Williamsburg Bear Factory," or "Make history: make a Williamsburg Bear." Same goodness, just less wordy.

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I would prefer it be simpler like:


Huggable History


Also, if you aren't able to use hearts, why not source out a small pouch (maybe shaped like your star) that a child could place a message, a birthday candle, special rock or whatever in and let it be the "wish that brings special magic to every bear"? They could then place the wish inside the bear.


Every bear has a heart, but the wishes make them magical. :D

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a child could place a message, a birthday candle, special rock or whatever in and let it be the "wish that brings special magic to every bear"? They could then place the wish inside the bear.


That would certainly change pillow fights ... "Hmmm, I wish I could go upside my brother's head with this rock filled bear." ... "ahhh, Mom, all I did was hit him with my teddy bear, he's just a big (bleeding) baby!!!



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I'm not sure which one I like, honestly, that tagline can be branded to any product out there. Cre8tiff is on the right track, you need a slogan that will not only connect the consumer to the history but also your product.


Just my honest opinion.

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