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Anyone here play the stock market?


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My standard response here is to suggest mutual or index funds.


And then I typically mention something about the Efficient Markets Hypothesis.


And then we normally get about 4-5 pages of arguments about whether or not the EMH holds (or is applicable for personal investors).


So to preclude that from happening, I won't say anything.



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Wish I had the funds to. I only "play" in terms of my 401K and mutual funds. Currently I split mine 4 ways, but will probably re-evaluate in January and move one or two into new funds:


FICDX - Fidelity Canada


FSDAX - Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace


FCNTX - Fidelity Contrafund


FNORX - Fidelity Nordic


Added that last one only a couple weeks back to take the place of this one below which was killing me all year long and I couldn't take it anymore:


FSCHX - Fidelity Select Medical Delivery

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i get played by the market everyday..... :D


what are you looking to trade....just stocks or options too?


I think just stocks right now. I have a lot to learn about it, but to start, just stocks. I dont plan to make this my retirement money, at least not now. I just want to dabble in it a bit to see if its something I would even be interested in...

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