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Pick two WR out of these four, please

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1pt per 20yrds rec. Bonuses: 3pt @ 100yd, 2pt @ 150yd, 5pt @200yd, 10pt @250. 1pt ever 10 yd rushing for WR. 6pt TDs. No ppr.


Javon Walker @ SD

Bernard Berrian @ STL

Reche Caldwell @ MIA

Mark Clayton @ KC


I know to "always start my studs" but Jay Cutler scares the everliving crap out of me going up against Merriman and the Chargers D.


I really think that Berrian has huge potential against a Rams team that I feel is on the ropes in all phases of the game (and flat out sucks), but Grossman is a liability.


Caldwell has been a consistant producer as of late and Brady is my QB, so the double up could be huge. But Miami's D doesn't allow a lot of fantasy points against the pass (but take into consideration that the game is in MIA and the ball won't be frozen, so its more WR friendly).


Clayton is so hit and miss that its ridiculous, but I feel like he's do against a KC D that always seems to dissapoint in the games that matter most.




I'd appreciate any input from you guys and will offer my thoughts on as may posts in this forum as I can manage, while attempting to actually do my job at an acceptable level.


Thanks in advance and good luck to all of you in your quests toward playoff dominance (in leagues that I am not involved in of cours).



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#1 - I'd start Javon Walker, no matter what.


#2 - If you need a homerun, I start Berrian. If not, based on the last few weeks, Caldwell.

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