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Rogaine for Men


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Yeah....but....what if you're an a$$hole?




Were you quoting Bill Cosby Himself ?



As far as your question I would try and shave it first..I know its drastic but if you have a good shaped head its the way to go..I have a bunch of friends that are bald and they all shave it..It looks fine..

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If you have a nice shaped head, just roll with it. Bald is like the new Mullet.


My melon is large and lumpy, kinda like a bag full of doorknobs. If i ever lose any hair, it'll be a hat or combover :D



Nice shaped head is the key in pulling off the shave.

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I used Nioxin right out of high school and when that didn't work I tried Rogaine. When I realized that wasn't gonna work I buzzed it. If you'd rather not shave it right away, you may want to take baby steps. I first trimmed mine with a 1 gaurd and once I was used to that I went with no gaurd and then finally shaved it. It gives you a chance to get used to having no hair and to get an idea of the shape of your head.


My brother's going through the same process right now using Rogaine. I keep telling him he's waisting his money and sooner or later he's gonna have to shave it, but he's still holding out hope.


I'm not sure why my brother and I are bald as my mom's dad has a full head of hair.

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