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Need last roster spot

Last Starter..Need Help  

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  1. 1. Need to pick one (no pts for receptions. 6 td, 1 pt 25 yds)

    • Coles vs. Bills (hit or miss; shut down last week, bounces back?)
    • Addai vs Jags (tough run d....lost TD to Rhodes; he scores this week)

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I like Coles over Addai, but either or both could be non-productive with their match-ups. I would lean towards the A-train if you knew for sure McGahee was out. I have the same problem there. I have both of them and lately you never know which of the two will start.



So to recap, A-train if he's a for sure start, and Coles if not.



Thanks for answering mine :D

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thanks for feedback....If McGahee somehow is ruled out...I think I will put A Train in over Coles......I think starting Coles is my best solution, as our league allows substitutions, provided that players have not yet started......As Addai has 1:00 game, and Coles....A Train have 4:15 start, if I leave Addai on bench, and game time decision is that A Train is a GO, can put him in.....

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Anyone think Colts try to establish run with the more explosive back, Addai.....? or is Coles the better start....not as concerned about yardage as I am with WHO crosses the goal line........Even if McGahee plays for Buffalo, will he be limited, and thus, A Train grabs some carries, and possible TD?

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If McGahee starts, I think he's a threat to score from outside the 10, which would eliminate any goalline opportunities for ATrain. And the Jets D has been solid lately, so I don't know how many chances the Bills will get to score anyway. IF McGahee is inactive, and A-Train is starting against the Jets, I think A-Train's got enough of an upside to start him.


As for Coles, he usually gets yards, but doesn't score many TD's. In a yardage league, I'd take him, but probably not in a TD heavy league.


I guess Addai would be my choice. The danger is that a) the Jags may be able to shut down the Colts pretty well, and :D if the Colts DO score, it could be from a long pass. But I think you've gotta hope the Colts get a lead and use Addai to hold it, and hope you get lucky with a late TD.

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