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RB #2 HELP Have Gore need a running mate


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I REALLY hope Gore lights up GB


Now my #2 isn't looking so good. Ronnie Brown NO Sammy Morris Not so good either and Who knows if Maroney still thinks he's BATMAN!!!


So onto the waiver wire: ARGHH!!! CRAP CRAP and more CRAP


Cedric Houston is he hurt??? Will he get the carries?? Bills let up 140 rushing ypg and 13 rushing TDs . Jets are 18th in RB pts and BUF is 31st average run game with RBBC against REALLY BAD run D


NEWS FLASH!!! The last place guy just dropped Barlow for that's right HOUSTON. See he's OUT of the playoffs BUT his girlfriend has a very slim chance of getting in. Guess who I play for my win and in game this week ??? ding, ding, ding his girlfriend :D


Morris survey says BIG FAT NO!!! against NE


A-Train. Is McG hurt?? Will he play??? Buf is 30th in RB pts but the Jets are 29th in allowing them


C. Benson still RBBC Rams let up 153 in avg rush ypg and 14 rush TD's Bears are 16th in RB pts and STL is 30th in giving them up.


Looks like with Houston GONE I'll go with Maroney and Gore. CRAP!!


Side note: I had Barber on my bench for a long time. I was saving Maroney for when the wheels fell off Dillon. I dropped Barber for Lundy when Dayne and Fat Albert were on the bench. Then Mc G got hurt and I dumped him for A Train. Then Ronnie Brown got hurt and I got Sammy Morris. I haven't checked to see of I dropped him for Houston yet. Needless to say MBIII would be really nice to have back. The last place guy beat me with him last week. WOO freakin HOOO

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This will come down to the wire. LOTS of gametime decisions.


Maroney is not a sure thing at this point. So who is your #2 RB???


not liking the Morris option or the A Train option for that matter SO onto the WW


C. Benson great match up, bad run D, and bad QB ????










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