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Week 16 (FF SB) defenses


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Thoroughly enjoying this bye week, and assuming I manage to survive next week, the final hurdle will be the FF SB in week 16.


I currently have the Seattle D, which I think is a decent play on Week 15 against SF, but they're facing the LT-led juggernaut named San Diego in week 16. Should I stick with them, or pick up one of the following FA defenses?


Oak (v KC)

NYJ (@ Mia)

GB (v Min)


Ind (@Hou)

Cle (v TB)

Tenn (@Buf)

SF (v Ari)

Hou (v Ind)

Det (v Chi)

Was (@StL)


The ones I'm looking at right now are possibly Indy or Cleveland. Thoughts?

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Celeveland and Indy are very close in terms of the potential for big-scoring days, but it looks like the consensus is right. Until a couple of weeks ago, Cleveland at least looked like it was interesting in keeping teams out of the end zone and slowing down the pass. Indy still hasn't shown it can do anything with the run, but now Cleveland doesn't even have ITS strong suit (pass D).


Both opponent QB's are succeptible to the sack, meaning points for either team there. Carr is almost a lock to go down three times, though, while Gradkowski could avoid a rush on occasion.


If Carr continues to go into his shell at the end of the year, Indy could have a VERY nice game. Play the Colts.

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