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WDIS: Grossman, Manning, Cutler, Young or Garcia


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How the heck did I get to this point? FIVE quarterbacks on my roster? Are you kidding me?


Well, I managed to make it through the regular season despite the up-and-down play of Manning and Grossman. Now the playoffs have arrived and I'm absolutely scared to death of starting either one of them. Picked up Cutler two weeks ago just in case he did well in his first start....he didn't. I just picked up Vince Young and Jeff Garcia. So now I have too many quarterbacks and can't make up my mind. I definitely don't think I'll be starting Cutler since he's playing the Chargers in San Diego (I'm sure Merriman is licking his chops). Grossman terrifies me...his performance last week was horrific. Of course, this will be the week where he goes off for three hundred yards and three touchdowns on Monday night...but I refuse to take a risk like that after the way he looked against Minnesota. Manning is a possibility, but Carolina isn't exactly the best matchup (although Jeff Garcia lit 'em up last week). I'm actually leaning towards Vince Young, who's returning home to Houston and will be looking to impress...or Jeff Garcia, who's playing a Redskins defense that gives up a ton of passing touchdowns.


So what do you think? Five quarterbacks...one choice...who should it be? Any and all thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated. If you have your own post that needs to be answered, let me know and I'll be happy to share my opinion.

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i'd lean toward Young too just b/c of how bad HOU is. that said, Garcia has done much better than i would have expetcted, and WAS is a team that has given up some a$$ through the air.


maybe Young gets the nod just for his potential points for rushing yards?


good luck

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