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What To Do With Ronnie Brown?

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My league starts its playoffs this weekend, a two-week affair that will be done (obviously) next Sunday. Right now you can see that my RB roster is hurting with Brown out and Taylor very questionable with those ribs. While my lineup is OK this weekend with Betts facing Philly and Gore getting Green Bay, I am worried about my options for a potential FF Super Bowl if I get there. I think Jones-Drew is still on waivers in our league because of roster position limits, as well as Ciatrick Fason and Brandon Jacobs.


With Brown VERY up in the air for the next two weeks and me needing SOMEONE actually playing in case another RB goes down, should I go ahead and drop Brown for one of the above options? Jacobs' matchup against Philly looks good even if he's not the #1 back.

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Similar boat here. As you can see from my sig below, I am REALLY hurting at RB. Luckily, I have a bye THIS week (14), but need my RB's bad next week. I was able to pick-up Sammy Morris as a sub for R Brown, but that is not saying much at this point. We are only allowed 1 player on IR, thus only 1 sub.


I am holding Brown as long as he is listed as OUT or DOUBTFUL, as I can keep Morris as his sub during this time. It sounds like Brown is hoping to play next week (15)? But now I have Chester hurting (somebody else got Fason), and Maroney as well, so my RB situation is a mess!


If I were you, I would hang onto Brown, and hope for the best. If you can, pick-up Fason, but I wouldn't drop a starter to get him. Good luck (and wish me the same). :D


PS: Now I hear that Delhomme is out this week as well. Great. :D

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Yeah, that's the thing about my roster. We are limited to 4 RB's, so I can't do anything about adding a backup like Fason or Morris (or Jacobs or Jones-Drew) without dropping one of my backs currently on the roster. This isn't so bad this week, but I see problems next week with Washington possibly having to abandon the run against the Saints.


More opinions?

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