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Rb injuries could be the end of my first place

Wind Dancer

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:bash: What a final week possible lineup for me.....


I may be starting the following POWERFUL starting backfield.....


Ciatrick Fason

Anthony Thomas

Cedric Houston


Maybe I should even pickup Mike Anderson to back up Jam...


good grief.... :D

I don't know what is worse, having to play them, or wishing you still had the opportunity to pick them up (me). :D

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Starting Houston & Norwood.


I could start McAllister, but I'm over matched & I need lightening to strike, and I don't see that happening with NO playing at DAL, especially with Bush vulturing the TDs last week from Deuce. I do love Houston's & Norwood's matchups.

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My RBs:



Ronnie Brown

Wali Lundy




And our rosters are frozen tonight :tup:


Gotta go with Fason and Houston in a must-win game :bash:


I COULD pick up Benson... :D



Very similar to my RB situation (see sig below). I was able to get S Morris to back-up R Brown, but lost Fason to my brother-in-law. I don't know who I'm going to start, but probably Houston and Lundy :clap:, with 3 WR's (1 at flex). At least I have a bye this week. :D

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