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WDIS at W/R position


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I have 2 RB roster spots that are occupied by Willie Parker and Rudy Johnson. My other 2 RB's are Marion Barber III and Maurice jones Drew. I have a W/R spot that I can fill with either a WR or RB. Should I start Barber III, Jones Drew, Marvin Harrsion or Reggie Wayne. If I start one of the RB's I will have to sit Harrison or Wayne. Who would you start at the W/R position and if it's a RB, which WR woud you sit. Any help would be appreciated. ( 6 points for a TD, 1 point for every 20 yds).



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Normally I would try to put a RB at the flex spot, just because they usually get more touches. BUT MoJo Drew is probable at the moment and splits carries with Fred T.; Barber is still sharing time with J. Jones and the Cowboys could get some long-distance scores and not give him goalline opportunities. Besides, IF you choose one of the Colts you KNOW the other one will have the big game, right? I think I'd use Wayne and Harrison.


Hopefully you kept Willie Parker in tonight, I expect Rudi to do about as well.

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