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Please Help QB decision for 1st round playoffs

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Do you take a chance on Brett Favre this week @ SF. SF Defense has been giving QB fits over the last four weeks. Also, he has to take a long West Coast trip to SF, which is usually disaster for the traveling team. Or do you go with Vince Young @ Houston?


Point System:


1pt for completion

1 every 20 yards passing


1pt for every 10 yards rushing


So, Gentlemen, please don't hesitate to fire away!



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I agree with Young. Favre's less than 100%, Young's been red hot and scores points with his legs as well as his arm...


Thanks, Jet Mike! Hey, do you think Leon could get some points this week. I've been killed late in the season with the injury bug. Colston, Marohoney & Tayor are not at my disposal for my first week in the playoffs. I plugged in M.Moore & Leon Washington.
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I don't know -- I have Cedric Houston and am unsure about starting him, because the Jets are weird about which RB's they use. HOWEVER, given Houston's performance last week, plus the fact that Kevan Barlow is still there to vulture goalline carries, I think Leon has a limited upside. I think Mewelde Moore is a better choice.


Other guys who COULD be out on your waiver wire who I'd seriously consider are Ciatrick Fason (I think he's the Viking to have to replace Chester Taylor -- more of a goalline threat than Mewelde), or maybe someone like Justin Fargas is still out there. or even Cedric Benson.

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