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Which flex player?

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McGahee at Jets (seems like a good play, had early season big success, Jets playing better, WM banged up)

Addai at Jags (just the opposite, early season non-existent vs. Jags but Colts will need him in this one)


1 point for 10 yards rushing or receiving, no PPR, 6 point TDs


McGahee or Addai


I also have A-Train if McGahee is declared inactive, would probably play Addai over A-Train.

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Man thats not good . but I like Addai if Willis is out


I also have Holt or Devery as RB/WR wildcard options, but I usually play an RB there.


Here's my lineup (probably the sorriest performing team I have had in 15 years of playing fantasy):

QB Garrard (benching Bulger, Grossman, and Cutler)

RB1 Tiki

RB2 MoJo Drew (other options are McGahee, Lundy, A-Train, Jacobs)

WR1 Chad

WR2 Housh (other options are Holt and Devery; dropped Booker to pick up Garrard)

TE Gates (benching Watson)

Current Wildcard Addai

K Kaeding (benching Gramatica)


I don't remember having this many bad matchups in one week ever. I usually draft to have good week #14 matchups, something went wrong with that plan!


PS I am playing against Palmer this week.

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