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bad luck vs my opponent



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  1. 1. 1-9 vs my opponent select my flex

    • Tatum VS Chargers
    • Reggie Brown VS Skins
  2. 2. Q.B.

    • Young (back in hometown) at Texans
    • Hasselback vs Cards

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I am points leader on the year and woulda been 9-4 vs him all season head to head but he always finds a way to beat me ever since I cut Mushin Muhammod and he pick him up and scored 48 pts 3 seasons ago.

I start Young,L.T.,Westy,Javon,Plax,Bryant,Gonzo,Stover,S.D. def. plus my unknown flex above,,,,,,,,,he is starting Palmer,Bush,Edge,Glenn,Roy Williams,R.Moss,Lundy,L.J.Smith,Gould,Bears D

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I vote for Tatum and Hass.


Tatum will get more touches, much better chance for productivity from a decent RB vs. an average WR. LJ and Stallworth will get most of the love from Garcia. Hass is a veteran going against a lousy defense. I am playing against Darrell Jackson this week so I know he is going to have a big day!

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Hasselbeck and Tatum. Hasselbeck should have 250 yds.plus 2-3td's vs. the Cards. We know Tatum's gonna touch the ball and not so sure about how many looks Reggie Brown will get. Neither Bell or Brown may light up the scoreboard and neither may score a td. I still like Bell to out-produce Brown. Go with Hass and Bell.

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